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We carry cannabidiol (CBD) products from Koi and Fuggin' Hemp at an affordable price with flavor options. Koi CBD offers 0% THC in their CBD products, whereas Fuggin' Hemp CBD has 0.3% THC (the maximum amount of THC allowed in CBD by law). Depending on your tolerance level and the strength of CBD taken, you should begin to feel the effects of CBD in 20 minutes, and those effects should last 3-6 hours. Please use responsibly. 


Koi CBD 30ml Tincture or Vape (250mg for $35 and 500mg for $55)
Blue - Sweet Blue Raspberries & Exotic Dragon Fruit
Gold - Vanilla Caramel Custard
Jade - Refreshing Watermelon & Juicy Sour Green Apple
Red - Strawberry Milkshake
White - Flavorless


Koi CBD Gummies (6 pack for $12)
Tropical Gummies


CBD60 60ml Eliquid by Koi (500mg for $75)
Being Discontinued. Available while supplies last. 
Kool Watermelon - Menthol Watermelon
Strawberry Pucker - Super Strawberry Sour Patch flavor (Sold Out)


Fuggin' Hemp 60ml CBD (500mg for $60)
Blooze - Hard Candy Blue Slushee
Green Goblin - Your Favorite Green Candies
Red Dragon - Pomegranate, Cherry & Raspberry
Tropical - A Medley of Exotic Fruit Flavors